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1. Places (5:02) Drew Emmitt/Erik Deutsch, Hurt Leg Music, admin. BMG / Diamond Darcy Songs (BMI)

California coastline, midday Texas sun
Misty rain in the smoky mountains out here on the run
Lights of New York City
Streets of Boston town
Golden gate in San Francisco Seattle’s Puget sound

Been a long time travellin
Rolling on from town to town been so many places
Still don’t know where I’m bound
Arizona desert, Colorado mountain snow
Arches out in Utah, Montana and Idaho
Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Oregon’s evergreens
Rolling hills of the Carolinas, Kentucky, and Tennessee
No matter how far I travel
I’ll always find my way back home
When I start to feel my life unravel I know I’m not alone
Thunderstorms in Oklahoma wind sweeping down the plain
Sand dunes up in Michigan, the rocky coast of Maine
Indiana hardwoods, a midwest summer day
Sunrise in the Florida keys
Takes my breath away

2. Show Me Something Higher (5:28) Drew Emmitt/Vince Herman, Hurt Leg Music / Hermdog Music (BMI), admin. BMG.

Went down to the water, watch those seabirds fly
Heard the voices on the wind, singing to the pale blue sky
I sailed into the o-zone and when I came back down
My heart was feeling shattered  by what I saw here on the ground
Show me something higher
Show me a better way
Show me something higher
Show me a better way
Seein' through the shadows waiting for the rain to fall
Rising up above the storm clouds, I'm feeling no pain at all
It's never cloudy up here flying, sun shines all the time
It's just living down below here where the darkness clouds your mind
Somewhere beyond madness is a world of harmony
Between destiny and free will, heaven and the deep blue sea
So harvest your intentions and then plant another seed
Cuz it's just your own reflections that you're always gonna see
(chorus to end)

3. Southern Belle (3:54) Jason Walter Yandle, Fretwood Music (ASCAP)

Well it started out so beautiful
And it ended all to hell
One look in those pearly eyes
You'da swore it was a Southern Belle
Ya know it turned out, took a little while
Musta missed it by at least a hundred miles
Seems it started out oh so long ago
Now here we are six feet in the snow
Well have you ever seen that old sunrise
Before you had a chance to close those tired eyes
You're left sitting there just the only one
I guess you couldn't sleep, here comes that morning sun
Well now there's footsteps right outside your door
They crash like angry waves on a broken shore
You're sitting around all by yourself
And you don't wanna talk to nobody else
(Chorus x2)

4. Analog (4:06) Greg Garrison/Vince Herman, ggkudra Music / Hermdog Music (BMI), admin. BMG

(Chorus x2)
Don't want no digital
Just give me that analog
Want to find myself in a continuous electrical wave
Digits not degraded, not part of a sampling rate
Turn me into vinyl, make me etched in tin
Don't want to be made of numbers, part of the digital sin
(Bridge x2)
Take me to the country
Riding on a ribbon of rust
Don't try to text me, My face is in a book
I'm not sharing any photos, gotta come by for a look
Drop the needle on a record, can't spin no mp3's
My converter's been corrupted, my iPhone's in deep freeze
(Bridge x2)
Got antennas on my TV, 8 track in my car
Landline in the kitchen, this here acoustic guitar
Wind up the Victrola, put sugar in a bowl
No that perfect reproduction, it ain't got no soul

5. House Of Cards (5:16) Vince Herman, Hermdog Music (BMI), admin. BMG

Will these be the days we remember back before
We lost control of our country, the big money and the dogs of war
"We should've seen it coming" were their first words out the door
We're trapped here in the water, we don't need them any more
Elections stolen, the networks toe the line, 
It seemed like business as usual, not many called it a crime
All the pawns in place, they weren't wasting time
But out here in the streets, people marching, singing, carrying signs
Singing oh this is not normal, this has got to end
This is not who we are, love is gonna win again
Big corporations are telling us what to do
It's oil money and weapons, they don't care about you
But we see what they're doing, not everybody's confused
Gaslighting down this dead end street, singing these US Blues
Surrealist newscasts are streaming every night
I can't help feeling, something well it just ain't right
We're taking 10 steps backwards and 50 steps to the side
But our truth ain't fiction, we wont live a lie
Foxes in a hen house, dog's outta the yard
Fences all collapsing here, in this house of cards.
How'd we get here my brother, how does the story end
With idiocracy rising, how do we come back again
Back into a future we're all believing in
Where everybody matters, love's gotta win again
Saying oh this is not normal, this has got to end
This is not who we are, Love is gonna win again x2

6. Evermore (6:32) Andy Thorn, Thornpipe Music (BMI)

I can’t wait to go to Mexico
With Strings and Sol down right beside the sea
And I can’t wait to be in Hawaii
In the sand with my true love next to me
In the meantime think i’ll go up to Alaska
And ski a glacier right down to the shore
But my home i guess you’ll see is my true love next to me
In the Colorado mountains evermore
And yes you’ll find this heart of mine
In the Colorado mountains evermore
And yes you’ll be standing next to me
In the Colorado mountains evermore
Yes I love the southland and what my mama taught to me
But I’d been stuck down in the south bout a quarter century
So i took the road out west, found a love up in the hills
And now ramblin’ round these mountains lord is how we get our thrills
When I die all i ask is you lay me in the grave
In some cool misty valley where the wildflowers stay
And then lay her there beside me and untill the end of time
Yes we’ll rest here in these mountains now through the sweet by and by

7. Astral Traveler (5:52) Drew Emmitt, Hurt Leg Music (BMI), admin. BMG

Smoke and mirrors and you know it’s all just sleight of hand
There’s magic in the moment and it’s in every grain of sand
Something you said to me one long hot summer night
You know it set my spirit free and sent my soul in flight
Astral Traveler can you tell me where you're going?
Astral Traveler can you tell me where you’ve been?
Are you ridin', ridin' on the wind?
Light and darkness and you know it’s just a state of mind
No where is no here no space without time
you came from a universe a million miles away
moonbeams and starlight couldn’t make you stay
Past and future and you know it’s all just here and now
The world keeps on turning and I really don’t know how
The moon and stars above shining in the night
Reflecting the light of love and all the reasons why

8. Foreign Fields (5:57) Alwyn Robinson, Alwyn Robinson Music (BMI)

Roll through the frosted peaks, down the golden hills
Drift beside these canyon walls,t he river is sitting still
Float until my guidance sets and darkness gives me chills
Search for love on roads through foreign fields
Eyes on the blackened page, stare into my soul
Blues cool the fiery clay, that heat the tired toes
Amongst these native desert sands, but I don’t feel at home
Foreign fields, I search for love unknown
Lost but I shall find my way
Rising to the morning haze
May the spirits carry me through another day
Eyes staying steady, between the blurring lines
Another pull of whiskey will surely do me fine
Madness clouds that beauty that rests beneath the pines
Foreign fields, where love is hard to find
Demons don’t deserve my change, but oh what a price I’d pay
For a love to find in these foreign fields
Stranger grabs my hand to say, wake up from this dead end state
May your spirit carry me through another day

9. Game Of Thorns (4:57) Andy Thorn, Thornpipe Music (BMI)

10. Let In A Little Light (2:09) Vince Herman/Greg Garrison, Hermdog (BMI), admin. BMG / ggkudra Music (BMI)

Let in a little light, let in a little light
When the darkness comes, let in a little light
Well you can't keep your head in the sand, let life pass you by
Get your face out of your hands, step back into the light
When you find what really matters and it's music, love, and friends
You cant keep nothing else with you when this journey ends
I believe love lasts forever, music gonna carry on too
And the light they leave after they're gone, that's gonna pull you through.
So make good loving music, thats all we're here to do
And when you're down brother turn it around and that's gonna pull ya through

11. Winter’s Gone (3:28) Andy Thorn, Thornpipe Music (BMI)

Well the sounds of the river are roaring
The summer’s just a stone’s throw away
The birds up in the sky they are soaring
And it feels like winter’s gone today, it feels like winter’s gone today
The snow up above it is thawing
More mountainside is showing every day
And soon the spring rains will be falling
And it feels like winter’s gone today, it feels like winter’s gone today
The flowers on the mountain touching color to the sky
And the hills are getting greener every day
It don’t get no better and I’ll tell you i know why
Cause it feels like winter's gone today, it feels like winter's gone today
There's magic in the waters of a hot spring
Steam rising in the early morning dew
The frost melting away around the bend are warmer days
And it feels like winter's gone today, it feels like winter's gone today
And the melting snow is filling all the lakes up to their brim
And the waters give us ample room to play
The days are getting hot I think I’ll jump in for a swim
Cause it feels like winter’s gone today, it feels like winter’s gone today

12. Burdened Heart (4:47) Greg Garrison, ggkudra Music (BMI)

I never fit in with the sea and sand
But I'll always sit and listen
Close my eyes and feel the sun again
Sound of waves, the sweet submission
Funny that I met you here that day
I know we never had a chance
Like the waves you had to drift away
Soon after we began to dance
Yeah when it comes to California
The place it always had to start
Yeah when it comes to California
I can never seem to ease my burdened heart
Thought I knew how to live that way
Come and go with the tide
Always putting other games in play
I knew for me it was a lie 

Leftover Salmon is:

Drew Emmitt: vocals, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, fiddle

Vince Herman: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, zither

Greg Garrison: vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, waterphone, Fun Machine

Andy Thorn: vocals, acoustic and electric banjo

Alwyn Robinson: vocals, drums, percussion

Erik Deutsch: piano, keyboards, vibraphone

Produced By Steve Berlin

Engineered by Chris Schultz

Recorded at Wavelab Studio, Tucson AZ

Mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman at Mysterious Beard Studios, Portland, OR.

Mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering, Portland, OR.

Additional recording and editing by Mario Casilio, Beto Martinez, and Greg Garrison. Horn arrangement on “Show Me Something Higher” by Mark ‘Speedy’ Gonzales and Steve Berlin. Special guests: Joe Novelli: slide guitar (1, 8 and 13), Mark ‘Speedy’ Gonzales: trombone (2), Josh Levy: saxophone (2), Gilbert Elorreaga: trumpet (2), Jeremy Garrett: fiddle (9), Lydia Rogers: Background vocals (3). Illustration by Drew Christie Design by Alex Fortney Management : John Joy | john@leftoversalmon.com Booking: Joshua Knight | jknight@paradigm.com Thanks to Steve Berlin, Nick Delisle, Chris Daniels and Larry Ciancia, AJ Feigl, the CU Denver MEIS Department, the Downtown Clifton Hotel in Tucson, Bill Vorndick, Lizbeth Thomas and Gibraltar Elementary School, and our fans. Special thanks to Allyson, Haden, Miles and Ella Garrison, Jon Eaton, Cecelia Thorn, Jane and Al Thorn, Renee, Eli, Willa, Sydney, Dave, Susannah, Paul, Suzie, Barron, Barney, Victoria Reed, Marisa, and our crew: Joshua, Mario, Larry, Matt, Erwin, Carly, and JJ.