Salmon Stream

Tune in right here or get the Mixlr App for your phone to stream our shows live. We stream all of our live performances provided we have a quality internet connection. Follow us on the Leftover Salmon Mixlr Station to get updates when we go live so you never miss a show!



Tune in here every Tuesday from 7PM - 9PM MST for a weekly edition of 'The Leftover Salmon Show'. 

Our archivist Chris Mrachek has been digging deep into the archives to bring you the best of Salmon, both past and present! Each week he has been debuting a hand picked compilation of songs which is being dubbed ’The Leftover Salmon Show’. 

Chris is usually on the Mixlr chat throughout the show. So, make sure to stop by, give a listen, and say Hi. He’s always happy to answer any questions you may have about all those archival recordings dating back to the early 90s! 

We hope Chris and ’The Leftover Salmon Show’ will keep you fired up while the band is not playing live! 


Stream Here: The Leftover Salmon Show Vol. 1 - Broadcast Tuesday February 21, 2017