Fundraising for A Weekend of Giving Begins Now!

The fundraising page for Thanksgiving Leftovers is now open to the public! Do some good and win a chance to competing in We Bee Spelling (a comedy game show featuring Vince!) or an opportunity to bowl with us on Nov. 24 at Moe's BBQ. We've partnered with Colorado Mental Wellness Network to create a one of a kind Day of Giving. But we need your help to make it something really special. Setting up a fundraising page is super easy:

1. Click the link to the fundraising page: fundraising page for Thanksgiving Leftovers 

2. Click the "Join this Fundraiser" link under the headline banner next to "Team"

3. Enter info (name, email, photo, and fundraising goal)

4. All done -- share your custom link to friends/family/coworkers/etc. to sell tickets and raise money! 

And you get more than just the warm feelings of goodwill! The TOP 20 fundraisers will get a chance to compete for "academic" glory in the most ridiculous spelling bee they've ever seen with comedian hosts and backed up by Vince Herman with Sockeye OR enjoy a round of bowling with members of Leftover Salmon. Doing good has never been so simple or so much fun.

How Does Fundraising Work?

We Bee Spelling makes fundraising is very simple. Each fundraiser has his/her own fundraising page on our event siteOnce you create your page, copy and paste the custom URL and share it via social media, email, text to friends, family, coworkers and your extended networks. Push for people to donate for tickets AND to contribute even if they can't make it. People all over will love that you want to turn your good time into good for others! When people make donations and buy tickets on your page, you'll be credited. And there's an incentive to raise the most money: The TOP 20 fundraisers will get to enter the We Bee Spelling on Nov. 24 at Moe's (or choose to bowl with the band) and receive an exclusive prize for their hard work doing good! And spellers get the chance to compete for ultimate bragging rights AND a SERIOUS championship belt!

What I Don't Finish Top 20?

Even if you're not a Top 20 fundraiser, you can still be a part of the show! For your fundraising efforts, you'll receive a We Bee SABOTAGE. The Sabotage is the audience's way of influencing the competition. You'll be able to force spellers to take mystery shots, spell words backwards, make acronyms out of words, and deal with other distractions while attempting to spell. In fact, some people prefer being a "saboteur" to having to deal with the pressure of getting on stage and spelling. You get to sit back with the opportunity to take out a speller from the competition. All the fun of the event without any of the nerves!