Leftover Salmon Releases Powerful New Song in Response to Charlottesville

Leftover Salmon recently released a song from their forthcoming album several weeks ahead of the anticipated release in response to the terrorist attack at protests in Charlottesville, VA. Aptly titled "House of Cards," the song is a reaction to the recent political climate and the direct impact of the nation's leaders on actions of unsatisfied civilians. They also released an accompanying video that shows powerful footage from the last several months in the mainstream political media. 

"In these strange and dangerous times, music has a role to play in the national conversation," said guitarist Vince Herman. "There's a long tradition of that in the U.S. and we're proud to use our voices to say 'This is not normal.'"

Full message from the band: https://tinyurl.com/yddt4569
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeHfh13Uuf8&feature=youtu.be

This timely track is not only a reflection of these unrestful times or an important message to deliver, it's also the band's way of encouraging other artists to use their musical voice to offer support to protestors and to write and sing acts of protest in themselves. The five-minute video follows the timeline of the song by pulling, at times unsettling, images from events of recent times. By releasing the song, the band hopes to spread awareness about what's going on in the streets and peacefully contribute to the movement against racism and intolerance.