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High Country

1. Get up and Go (3:33)

2. Western Skies (4:52)

3. Home Cookin’ (3:41)

4. High Country (3:07)

5. Bluegrass Pines (5:39)

6. Better Day (3:34)

7. Six Feet of Snow (3:28)

8. So Lonesome (4:19)

9. Light in the Woods (4:00)

10. Thornpipe (3:23)

11. Two Highways (4:16)

12. Finish Your Beer (2:27)


Leftover Salmon is:

Drew Emmitt - vocals, mandolin, electric guitar, fiddle

Greg Garrison - vocals, acoustic & electric bass

Vince Herman - vocals, acoustic guitar

Bill Payne - vocals, piano, Hammond B-3

Alwyn Robinson - drums

Andy Thorn - vocals, acoustic & electric banjo


Produced By Steve Berlin. Executive Producer John Joy.

Recorded at Mighty Fine Productions: Denver, CO March/April 2013 & February 2014

Engineered By Mario Casilio

Mixed and Mastered By Dave McNair at Dave McNair Mastering - Houston, TX

Bluegrass Pines Produced By Bill Payne, Mixed By Mario Casilio & Dave McNair

Alwyn Robinson: Drums (5,7)

Jose Martinez: Drums (1,2,3,4,6,8,9,10,11,12)

Bill Payne: Piano/Hammond B3 (1,2,5)  & Piano (4,6,7,8,11,12)

Cover art and design: Gary Houston Design -

Layout: Sara McCormick

Special Guests: Steve Berlin: Baritone Saxophone (9), Mellotron (11). Sugar Blue: Harmonica (3,8,11). Kim Dawson: Background Vocals (9). Casey Driessen: Fiddle (10). Andy Hall: Dobro (1). Joey Porter: Wurlitzer (3), Hammond B3 (4,6,8,9), Yamaha SK50 (6,12) Toy Piano (6), Fender Rhodes (9), Roland Juno 60 (11).

Endorsements: Drew Emmitt: D'Addario strings, San Juan mandolins, Nugget mandolins, Gibson Guitars, Mesa Boogie amplification. Greg Garrison: Lakland basses. Vince Herman: D'Addario strings. Andy Thorn: Ian Davidson Instruments, Deering Banjos. Alwyn Robinson: Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth drum sticks. Bill Payne: Korg USA.


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